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Living a Zero Waste lifestyle may seem unattainable to many people, however just starting with small changes can make a big difference. One great example is switching to reusable food wraps or silicone food bags.

Stasher is one of our personal favorites as they are also a women owned business and their products are strong enough to handle being cleaned in the dishwasher and come in many fun colors and sizes to please the whole family. For those worried about stains follow these easy steps:

1. Rinse the inside of your Stasher with hot water to loosen and wash out any remaining food debris.

2. Create an all-natural yet effective cleaning solution with equal parts baking soda, distilled white vinegar, and lemon juice. The baking soda will help with stains and smells, the vinegar will kill bacteria, and the lemon juice will cut grease while leaving a fresh scent. 

3. Apply your mixture all over the inside of your Stasher and let it soak for 20-30 minutes. (It may help to lay it horizontally, and to flip it over half-way through.)

4. When your soak is complete and stains are gone, rinse your Stasher bag thoroughly with warm water. 

5. Set the bag on your drying rack, or towel dry by hand for best results.

Another great way to cut back on plastic use is to grab a fun water bottle like the ones we carry from Swig. Swig is a Women Owned Business who makes insulated cups and water bottles for the busy mom-girl on the go or really anyone looking to keep their coffee hot and their water ice cold. Swig differs

from their competitors with their unique designs and fun patterns. Their drinkware is also dishwasher safe- making it a easy go to for the whole family.

These two easy steps can have a large impact if we all participate. Stop in to see what other great sustainable products we have available in store and learn how you can help make a difference!


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