Where Did All the Flours Go?

(and other things we say to ourselves when we move and everything we once owned and used has disappeared)

We have all been there- you move into a new home and cannot seem to find anything you swear you once owned. Here is are a few commonly lost (or purposely left) items.

Bacon Bin (threw out the old can, grease and all)

Baking/Roasting Mat (where in this mess, can it be?)

Birthday Candles (I’m sure someone’s birthday is soon.)

Bottle Opener (it’s with the wine cork)

Box Grater (probably thrown out since it was rusty & bent!)

Candles (a new scent will make our new house ours)

Cereal Bowls (Ugh! The kids want something to eat now)

Chopsticks (if I find them, it’s Chinese or Souci for dinner)

Cocktail Shaker (need one NOW!)

Coffee Scoop (I’ll need my coffee tomorrow morning!)

Corkscrew (I thank the spirits because it’s somewhere closeby)

Cutting Board (our old one is split, discolored & gross)

Dish Drying Mat (left the tattered old one behind)

Dish Towels (now that the dishes are washed, where is something to dry them?)

Egg Slicer (where do these things go?)

Foil Cutter (for wine or champagne to celebrate our new house)

Glass Pitcher (milk for the cereal)

Gloves for Cleaning (and to protect my hands when I’m opening boxes)

Hanging Baskets (fruits, potatoes, onions)

Icing Spatula (for the cake for the housewarming/birthday party)

Kettle Scale Collector (to keep the new kettle looking new)

Meat Thermometer (probably broken, lost or had a dead battery)

New Tea Kettle (new kettle whose color will match the new kitchen)

Oven Thermometer (to see if the new stove is correctly calibrated)

Parchment Paper (for the cake for the housewarming/birthday party)

Paring Knife (probably got thrown out with the peeler)

Party Picks (for the housewarming/birthday party)

Peeler (probably got thrown out with the carrot peels)

Poopouri (for the bathroom during the housewarming)

Salad Dressing Bottle (same box as the cooking utensils?)

Scissors (how am I supposed to open boxes without them)

Sink Mat (so we don’t break the new wine glasses, when washing)

Sink Plug & Strainer (why do they never work in the new house)

Soap (who packs soap)

Soap Dish (for the new soap)

Spatula, Turner, Cooking Spoon (who knows which box they’re in)

Sponge Holder (for the new sponges)

Sponges (who takes dirty sponges)

Stasher Bags (now the kids want lunch, pack it up & send them outdoors)

Storage Containers (coffee, sugar, cookies; they need to color match the new kitchen also) Timer (never had one because we had one on our previous stove)

Toast Tongs (they’re nowhere to be found)

Utensil Crock (a new colorful one to match the new kitchen)

Veggie Steamer (fell apart while packing)

Wine Cork (can’t be found)

Wine Glasses (broken in the move?)


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